Connecting the dots... Connecting the worlds...


The CROPEL GROUP was founded by professionals experienced in the specific skills to recognize opportunities and strategic partnerships, and to respond to market needs between the Republic of Croatia and the United States.

The CROPEL GROUP collaborates with technologically advanced Croatia-based businesses of customized, innovative, and leading-edge products and services. We currently focus on advisory services as we facilitate expansion into the United States market, thus securing your position in the global economy.

CROPEL GROUP has a direct connection to the Republic of Croatia, and we are genuinely committed to the country’s further economic development and stability. We excel in helping businesses broaden their share of the U.S. market while retaining their presence in Croatia. Our collaborations help grow businesses both in Croatia and in the United States.
CROPEL GROUP will be as involved in the partnership as you desire. Sometimes we will take on the role of advisors and consultants, other times we will be fully engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and sales of your unique products and services. Always CROPEL GROUP will facilitate your successes in growing your business.


  • We rapidly evaluate opportunities to connect your products with customers and partners in the U.S.
  • We provide the professional services and act as your in-person entry point into the U.S. market
  • We identify and apply practical, workable solutions to complex market requirements
  • We provide complete strategies with flexible, attractive, and affordable terms
  • We have access to 38+ Croatian owned manufacturers and a larger supply chain
  • From our central location, products can reach 70% of the U.S. population within two days by ground transportation

Our mission statement

Our mission is to specifically work with Croatian-owned businesses in the Republic of Croatia to develop their ideas and products and expand their share of the broader U.S. markets. These collaborations allow them to remain in Croatia where they successfully provide jobs in their local economies, and we become their in-person representative in the U.S. We also collaborate with U.S. Croatian-owned businesses who desire to partner with businesses within Croatia.